Dopart Academy: What up Villains, this is Omen. It’s been awhile....

  1. What up Villains, this is Omen. It’s been awhile. It feels great to be putting out a new project. This is dedicated to my favorite producer of all time, J Dilla. Most of you all know he passed away from Lupus some years ago and therefore, I’ll never get to work with him officially. But, this is my way of doing that, showing my appreciation for his inspiration and legacy. A Glorious Cool EP features all production from songs J Dilla produced in his career. Some are well known beats, some are more rare. I hope you enjoy this, go out and seek more of Dilla’s music and truly learn what made him a legend. Thank you for your support. I love yall. 


    Download: A Glorious Cool EP

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