Dopart Academy

  1. We had a great interview with Dreamville’s Omen recently, when he joined J. Cole on the Canadian leg of the What Dreams May Come Tour. We spoke for nearly half an hour about everything from Omen’s early album influences, to his family’s musical history, to avoiding foolish pride.


  2. agnes thor


  3. Make mistakes, make mistakes, make mistakes. Just make sure they’re your mistakes.
    —  Fiona Apple

  4. The Trials of Muhammad Ali - Official Trailer (2013)


  5. sculptures made from paper. 

    nick georgiou 


  6. A Thousand Words | Ted Chung (Short Film)

    I saw this a few years ago and its always been one of my favorite shorts. 


  7. jota castro


  8. jenny liz rome 


  9. photographer | carlota bird 


  10. Eduardo Salles


  11. banksy 


  12. Selah Sue | Explanations (Acoustic) 


  13. Hush


  14. Currency has made us trust in the Messiah
    I’m spending it to get higher
    Earth, Wind and Fire singing reasons why I’m
    Up early, trustworthy is a nine that bust early
    Sunshine on my grill, I spill Remy on imaginary graves
    Put my hat on my waves, latter Day Saints say religious praise
    I dolo, challenge any team or solo
    You must be bugging out, new to my shit, home on a furlough
    Ask around who’s laid up, sharp and straight up
    Mafioso, getting niggas’ wakes sprayed up
    Skies are misty, my life’s predicted by a gypsy
    I’ll one day walk into shots drunk off champagne from Sicily
    This be the drama, I’mma pause like a comma
    In a sentence, paragraph’s indented
    Bloodshot red eyes high, yellow envelopes of lye
    Opening cigars let tobacco fly
    Condos are tomb-proof, we’re looking out the sky’s moonroof
    Shitting like gin and prune juice
    Yo the system wants the coon’s noose, hang ‘em high
    Courtrooms filled up, it’s off the hook while I
    Just wrote a statement, like I’m facing twenty years
    In the basement, chilling on the VI with Mumia
    For wearing chrome, I told the judge snakes slither
    Like Sharon Stone but like Capone I’m thrown, yo

    Nas | Take It In Blood (Verse 2)


  15. benjamin garcia